Here we have lined up the stones that are in our collection, read and try to have it as a basis for your purchase.


Helps us manifest real ideas that yield results. Very good at spiritual development, and getting in touch with the higher realms. Helps you express yourself on all levels, it balances energies, emotions and chakras.

Aura Angel

Aura Angel purifies the aura and facilitates contact with the angels and the higher realm. It is a very soothing stone. It has a high-pitched vibration, removes negativity and emotional blockages. Helps you see things more clearly and fills you with divine light that goes straight through your aura. Aura Angel, is a quartz that is dipped in precious metals and then treated in a "pressure chamber" to get its permanent color.

Aura Titan

This is a high vibration stone, works well with the neck, third eye chakra and helps you communicate with spiritual visions and dreams. Allows you to raise your energies, let go of negativity. Protects you on the path of life. Aqua aura titanium gets its color from a color bath in gold and titanium to then be treated in pressure chambers, the color is permanent.


"bergkristall" l is the most diverse healing crystal, among all crystals. It strengthens the energy and intention of power. It strengthens the aura, purifies, activates and straightens all the chakras. Rock crystal increases the energy around the wearer and strengthens the spiritual power.


A stone for the analytical, balances and entertains the mind. Relieves and calms in positions. Purifies and purifies the aura and removes unwanted energy and converts it into positive energy.


Helps you grow in your development, helps you strengthen your self-confidence. Encourages truth and loyalty. It is a stone for new development, new thoughts and ideas, creates inspiration in the user. These stones open up your pancreas, and help you express yourself more clearly.


This is a calming stone that reduces stress. Purifies and opens up to a higher consciousness. Helps against phobias, fears and aggressions. Use Falcon Eye to balance the Yin / Yang energies, and your intuition.


Hematitis helps to absorb negative energy and soothes stressful situations. Is very protective and founding. Very good to have when working with Bas chakra, helps to transform negative energies into more positive vibrations. Feel free to carry Hematite when you need balance and equilibrium, or when you have difficulty focusing on energies. Strengthens your self-confidence. Hematitis can help you find your own unique gift and release self-imposed restrictions.


Howlit is a wonderful stone to use when you need to reduce anxiety, tension and stress. It calms and soothes emotions, overactive senses and helps you get a deep and restful sleep. Provides clarity, absorbs anger and negative energy. Meditating with Howlit can help one to connect to the higher spheres, allowing a higher communication at the higher frequencies.

Imperial jasper azure

Helps you on your spiritual path to the universe. A very spiritual stone that helps us develop our spiritual self, helps us understand that we are a part of everything. Helps us remove our fears and insecurities. Imperial Jasper is located about 50 miles northwest of Guadalajara, Mexico on the east side of a steep canyon. This canyon is located north of the small town of San Cristobal.

Jaspis (Brecci)

Brecci Jasper is a stone for strength and vitality. Provides mental clarity and focus. Stimulates the base and sacral chakras, cleanses and stabilizes the aura. Removes negativity, creates security and wholeness.
It is a stone for detoxification and recovery especially after illness.

Jaspis (Kambaba)

Helps you find your place in life, makes you aware of your situation here and now. Provides strength, facilitates spiritual development and meditation.

Jaspis (Red Creek)

Red Creek Jasper, has strength and powerful energies. It amplifies the energies around the wearer. It is a very grounding and founding stone, stabilizing both the body and the spirit.


These stones come from Australia, they provide stability and perspective on life. They help you make the right decision by being objective. Mookait connects your energy to the earth. Balances the root and solar plexus chakras and increases the flow between these chakras.

Jade Vit

White Jade is very good for making the right decisions, it blocks distractions and allows the best solutions to emerge. Physical: White jade is said to help the body heal itself.

Lila Jade

This is a stone that stands for calm in the storm, its properties balance the nerves. Some have a piece of jade stored in a pocket or on a pendant to iron from time to time to recharge energy and protect against disease. Jade can also be used to alleviate the shock or fear of the young or elderly who are cared for in hospital or away from home as well as the family.


This is a balanced stone for abundance, manifestation and intention. Malachite absorbs energy and brings emotions to the surface. It purifies and activates all Chakras. An extremely powerful metaphysical stone. It is often called the stone in change used for deep energy cleansing brings with it healing and positive transformation to the user. The stone strengthens energies of various kinds, both positive and negative.
It is highly protective and purifies exhaust gases it is also said to protect against radioactivity. Malachite can relieve menstrual cramps. It is said that the stone is good in the treatment of asthma, arthritis, swollen joints.


Provides divine inspiration and helps us channel our intuition. Facilitates decision making, increases patience, and helps us follow the flow. The moon raises our energies, and makes it easier for us to work in the light. Introduce unconditional love and healing. Has incredibly calming and soothing energies, effectively removes stress and creates balance in life.


This is a stone of joy, helping you remove and clear old blockages and patterns. The stone also creates a new place for positive energies. Energizes you, helps you stay calm in chaotic situations. Viktigast av allt är nog att den för in villkorslös kärlek i ditt liv.


Petrified wood, also known as fossilized wood. Works with Root and Sacred chakras and adds wonderful healing energies to both the physical and emotional. Teach us to be patient and help us understand life. It works with the basic energies and encourages one to live life as a spiritual soul in the spiritual realm. Redwood wood is considered a symbol of health, wisdom and communication.


Sodalite encourages you to be true to yourself and stand up for yourself and what you believe in. A stone for self-development, self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-esteem. Sodalite encourages you to develop your intuition and trust yourself. Creates emotional balance, helps you let go of old feelings that you no longer benefit from.
These stones stand for awakening, stimulate the pineal gland and your third eye, deepen the meditation. Sodalite helps you solve daily problems, carries a stone with / on you to have a functioning everyday life.

Svart Fire Agat

A powerful protector, strengthens your courage and your power to be one with yourself. Helps you achieve a sense of balance, in body and mind. Counteracts fear and shyness, helps you stand up for yourself.

Black Turmalin

Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful protective stones. It blocks all negative energy or attacks. A very good stone to have when you need protection or want to prevent unwanted energies from entering. It is a very founding stone, it balances and protects all chakras, as well as body and aura. Also protects against electromagnetic radiation.


These are a combination of yellow tiger eye, hematite and red jasper it has all the characteristics that belong to these as well as their own. Tiger iron is a perfect partner for those who find it easy to take over other people's feelings consciously or unconsciously. These have a powerful effect on the lower chakras (energy points of the body), which promote physical vitality, energy and stamina. The stones help those who are emotionally, mentally or physically exhausted or have entered the wall. Gives you the courage to undergo changes. At the same time, it is a creative stone that helps you find solutions to problems and ideas. Physically, the stone is said to relieve stress and relieve muscle cramps.


Tiger eye combines the earth's energy with the sun's energy. Tiger eye for brightness and optimism for situations and problems. Known to be a rock of protection, especially for those traveling on foot. The stone also brings good luck and prosperity. Tiger Eye helps you realize ideas and gives courage to change. Strengthens your self-confidence, strengthens mental abilities and balances the lower chakras.

Physical: Tiger's eye is said to offer power and vitality and improve the function of the endocrine system.


Unakit balances the emotional and spiritual body, and helps / frees it from energy blockages. It helps us to live in the present and let go of the past, ie the feelings and memories you want to get rid of.
Physical: Unakit is said to be good for the reproductive system, for healthy pregnancies. Good for cell renewal. Balances the emotional and spiritual body.

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